Bosch VEI-30 Dinion Infrared Imager

  • Certified all-weather active IR surveillance camera specifically designed for perimeter surveillance and other outdoor low-light applications
  • Dinion 2X imaging with wide dynamic capability to handle the most demanding lighting situations
  • Variable Field Illumination technology provides unmatched low-light and no-light performance
  • Integrated junction box, remote control, and complete external adjustments minimize installation time and cost

The Dinion Infrared Imager is a rugged, active infrared surveillance camera designed to master perimeter surveillance and other outdoor low-light applications.The IR Imager provides best-in-class images day and night covering up to 160 meters (525 feet) with unrivaled illumination quality throughout the field of view.
From the most challenging daylight conditions to zero lux night environments, the VEI-30 gives you the details you need. Our Dinion 2X technology provides optimal 20-bit imaging in natural and artificial light,giving you a powerful wide dynamic range camera solution capable of handling the most demanding lighting situations, 24 hours a day.
Variable Field Illumination allows IR beam pattern adjustments in the field, allowing for wide area coverage and greatly reducing maintenance and setup time and effort. Variable Field Illumination also provides even illumination not only across the field of view but also from foreground to background. To ensure this performance never fades over time, the IR Imager features Constant Light technology, using closed loop feedback to control infrared performance throughout the life of the unit.
The IP67-rated junction box and the camera can be hung and connected in seconds, reducing time and energy on the ladder. The Bilinx (up-the-coax) remote control further reduces time needed for adjustments during and after installation by allowing for adjustments to be made remotely on the ground.

VEI-30 Dinion Infrared Imager

Electrical Rated Voltage/Rated Frequency Rated Voltage/Rated Frequency

Model No./Rated Voltage/ Rated Frequency

VEI-308V05-13W 12 VDC/24 VAC (± 10%) / 50 Hz
VEI-308V05-23W 12 VDC/24 VAC (± 10%) / 60 Hz
VEI-309V05-13W 12 VDC/24 VAC (± 10%) / 50 Hz
VEI-309V05-23W 12 VDC/24 VAC (± 10%) / 60 Hz

Power Consumption

• at 12 VDC 35 W (2.9 A)
• at 24 VAC 35 W (1.5 A)


CCD Type 1/3-in. interline, WDR dual shutter
Active Pixels PAL: 752 x 582 NTSC: 768 x 494

Sensitivity (3200K, scene reflectivity 89%, F1.2)

Full video (100 IRE)/Usable picture (50 IRE)/Usable picture (30 IRE)
Color 2.4 lx (0.223 fc) / 0.47 lx (0.044 fc) / 0.15 lx (0.0139 fc)
Color + SensUp 10x 0.24 lx (0.0223 fc) / 0.047 lx (0.0044 fc) / 0.015 lx (0.0014 fc)
Monochrome 0.98 lx (0.091 fc) / 0.188 lx (0.0174 fc) / 0.06 lx (0.0056 fc)
Monochrome SensUp 10x 0.098 lx (0.0091 fc) / 0.019 lx (0.0017 fc) / 0.006 lx (0.0006 fc)
Monochrome + IR on 0 lx (0 fc) / 0 lx (0 fc) / 0 lx (0 fc)


Analog (video) PAL or NTSC BNC Fiber Optic interface (with accessory)
On-screen Display OSD with soft-key operation (multilingual)
Alarm Output Relay 30 VAC or +40 VDC, max. 0.5 A continuous, 10 VA Tamper: Open/close, normally closed voltage free relay
Analog Remote Control Bilinx coaxial bi-directional communication


Horizontal Resolution 540 TVL
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >50 dB
Video Output Composite video 1 Vpp, 75 ohm
Synchronization Internal, Line Lock
Shutter Auto (1/50 [1/60] to 1/10000) selectable Auto (1/50 [1/60] to 1/50000) automatic flickerless, fixed selectable
Sensitivity Up Adjustable from Off up to 10x
Day/Night Color, Mono, Auto Video, Auto Photocell
Day/Night Photocell Control Day/Night switch adjustable: 25 lux to 64 lux (default at 48 lux) Night/Day switch adjustable: 43 lux to 82 lux (default at 63 lux)
Auto Black Automatic continuous, Off
Dynamic Engine XF-Dynamic, 2X-Dynamic, SmartBLC
Dynamic Range 120 dB (20-bit image processing)
Dynamic Noise Reduction Auto, On/off selectable
AGC AGC On or Off (0–30 dB) selectable
Smart BLC On (includes 2X-Dynamic ) / Off
Peak White Invert On/Off
White Balance ATW, ATWhold and manual (2500 to 10000K)
Alarm Output VMD or Bilinx and dedicated Tamper (for junction box)
Cable Compensation Up to 1000 m (3000 ft) coax without external amplifiers (automatic set-up in combination with Bilinx coaxial communication)
Sharpness Sharpness enhancement level selectable
Camera ID 17-character editable string, position selectable
Test Pattern Generator Color bars 100%, Grayscale 11-step, Sawtooth 2H, Checker board, Cross hatch, UV plane
Lens 5–50 mm IR-corrected Varifocal auto-iris
Angular Field of View (H x V) 5 mm FOV: 51° x 40° 50 mm FOV: 6° x 4°
Modes 6 preset programmable modes
Remote Control Bilinx coaxial bi-directional communication
Video Motion Detection One area, fully programmable
Privacy Masking Four independent areas, fully programmable

Illuminator Specifications

LEDs 7 SMT type LED array with Variable Field Illumination
Beam Patterns (H x V) Wide beam: 42° x 10° (with 3D diffuser) Narrow beam: 10° x 10°
Wavelength 850 nm or 940 nm
Intensity Adjustment 31 step adjustments from min. to max.
On/Off Control Slave to camera mode Manual on/off control via OSD and Bilinx
Illumination Tilt Adjustment Maximum: 13° tilt above camera axis Minimum: 3° tilt above camera axis

IR Performance Ranges (0 Lux Environment)

850 nm/ 940 nm
Range/HFOI /Range/HFOI
Detection 160 m (525 ft) / 28 m (90 ft) / 80 m (260 ft) / 14 m (45 ft)
Classification 120 m (390 ft) / 21 m (70 ft) / 60 m (195 ft) / 10 m (35 ft)
Recognition 90 m (295 ft) / 16 m (50 ft) / 45 m (150 ft) / 8 m (25 ft)
Identification 50 m (165 ft) / 9 m (30 ft) / 25 m (80 ft) / 4 m (15 ft)


Dimensions (W x Hx D)

• Camera and Bracket 402 x 193 x 309 mm (15.8 x 7.6 x 12.2 in.)
• Total Assembly 402 x 193 x 406 mm (15.8 x 7.6 x 16.0 in.)


• Camera and Bracket 6.6 kg (14.5 lb)
• Junction Box 1.4 kg (3.1 lb)
Construction Corrosion-resistant aluminum
Color RAL 9010 pure white with RAL 9005 jet black detail
Finish Wet paint
Window 3.3-mm (1/8-in.) thick glass
Bracket Corrosion-resistant, cable-managed
Bracket Pan/Tilt Range Pan: ±90° Tilt: -48°/+44°
Junction Box Separate from bracket allowing for wiring and cabling prior to camera installation


Operating Temperature –40°C to +50°C (–40°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature –40°C to +70°C (–40°F to 158°F)
Operating Humidity 20% to 100% (condensing)
Storage Humidity up to 100%
Weatherproofing Type 4X (NEMA 4X) and IP67
Solar Radiation Tested to MIL-STD-810F test standard for solar radiation (for A1 rated

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