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Banks must have the most effective security systems because they are high risk targets for criminals. They were among the first businesses to install full-fledged security systems. Banks also have a high standard that they must maintain in order to keep their premises and customers’ valuables safe at all times. Security systems are invaluable to the risk management needs of banks which are also extremely demanding in their security and communication standards and requirements. Some challenges that banks face include the following:

  • Preventing hijackings and theft
  • Detecting possible vandals and fraud at cash handling areas and ATM machines
  • Incorporating security models into regular bank protocols
  • Managing access authorization and control at different entry points
  • Ensuring that alarm and intrusion detection systems, fire alarms and system sensors are always operational.

Bosch in partnership with The Protechtors are the number one supplier of high quality security systems to banking industry to help ensure the integrity of their facilities and property.

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