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In today’s time, airports play not one, but many roles; hence, they propound quite some security challenges. It is critical that airports meet especially demanding benchmarks as far as security, communications, safety, and building automation are concerned. The biggest challenges for airport security are:

  • Protection of employees and passengers
  • Prevention of terrorism in the best forms possible- sabotage, suicide attacks, bomb threats, aircraft hijack, etc.
  • Handling explosions and fire
  • Directing and regulating the vast array of various access authorizations

Administering all these challenges is not easy because a lot of areas are needed to be monitored, such as structures of parking, perimeters, terminals and the passenger facilities, airfields, aprons, restaurants, shops, etc. We, Bosch’s certified partner and an ideal integrator/service provider in Pakistan, help the airports in mastering these safeties, communication challenges, and most importantly, the security.

You can get the complete recording and management of all the video surveillance components with the Video Management System from Bosch. Bosch gives you the best high-resolution CCTV cameras that will help you in continuously monitoring all the areas where people have access and can also follow the passport control checkpoints with full efficiency. PTZ cameras are also crucial in keeping an eye on the perimeter of the airport so that any person trying to approach or attempting to climb the fences can be captured at any point of the day or even at night. For identifying any movement in all kinds of weather conditions, thermal PTZ cameras are the best. This, in turn, helps in preventing disturbance in all the airport operations when people approach the runways, etc. The video footage that gets recorded in such cases can be used as evidence in the court if needed.

We, being the certified partners of Bosch, also provide you the facility of Advanced Intelligent Video Analysis, i.e. IVA. It enables the self-developed fundamental discovery of suspicious or doubtful behavior and identification of discarded or vacated luggage in or around the airport. The tracking cameras by Bosch help on disproving or verifying the alarms, while giving an alert to the security operator as and when needed. The function called ‘forensic search’ gives permission of quick recovery of relevant and appropriate video sequences. We are the best service provider and integrator for all Bosch security systems in Pakistan.

The IP based Access control system from Bosch s the perfect solution for preventing any unauthorized or unpermitted person from getting in any restricted area such as aprons and airfields. It abides a vast range of readers and biometric solutions for meeting stringent security needs. You can also capture and record the access events with the help of our video surveillance. Any violation will automatically set off an alarm, and a quick action can be taken to handle the situation.
There are much more risks for an airport, such as burglaries of equipment, valuables, personal things, or cargo. We can help you in handling even these risks. All you need is an intrusion system from Bosch. It will monitor all the vehicle entrances, doors, and perimeters for a suspicious or unauthorized person and even stolen vehicles. In case any possible threat gets detected, the security operator gets alerted that you can use the Bosch Video Management system along with Intelligent Video Analysis and High-resolution CCTV cameras for verifying the alarm, activating a suitable action plan, and supporting consecutive forensic searches.
It is imperative to have an excellent voice evacuation and public address system when you’re dealing with safety and security challenges. The purpose of this is to make announcements and integration in and around the airport.

We, being Bosch’s certified partner, provide Bosch’s emergency sound systems and modular public address for all these applications. These systems handle all the routine announcements along with the emergency notifications with speech intelligibility, and maximum reliability assured. Since we are the top dealers of Bosch in Pakistan, we can provide you the Praesideo digital public address & emergency sound systems which are suitable for even the biggest airports.

To protect property and lives at airports, it is imperative to detect instantly, find, confirm, and restrain fires. The situation can become even tougher at the terminal halls because of high ceilings, crowds, long distances to the emergency escape routes, and large open areas.
We deal in Bosch detectors and modular fire panels for this very purpose. These can ensure reliable and quick detection with the help of many intelligent criteria, i.e. fast responses and high immune to false alarms. Many detectors can be joined in loops of about 3000 m and networked so as to cover some buildings.
Airports have now come up with becoming one of the most preferred venues for all kinds of conferences since they have direct links to the other countries and cities. DCN, i.e. Digital Congress Network from Bosch is one of the top most conferencing solutions.

  • It can interpret for simultaneous translation into about 32 languages at one time.
  • It gives high-quality sound replication.
  • You can get it either wired or non-wired as per your needed flexibility and setup.
  • It records all speeches and statements.
It is easier to get all the security, safety, building automation, and communication systems installed in the airport. What is a little tricky is to manage all these and coordinate them well efficiently. BIS, i.e. Building Integration System from Bosch helps in giving a single web-based cockpit to monitor all the safety, security, and building management systems. It also provides quicker responses to emergencies and better overall efficiency.  In case you are worried about the total estimate of your Bosch security systems, we can help you out.

We are a company with a team of certified and qualified engineers. We have skilled technicians, surveyors and technical support staff that can cater to your needs throughout Pakistan. We can help you with all the feasibility reports, bill of material drafting and execution plans . We offer the security setups even on turnkey basis, which means we can work from scratch and we are experienced in handling projects within timelines and budgets. Call us now at our helpline number 051-11-11-11-BOSCH to book an appointment.

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