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There are a lot of safety risks associated with entertainment arenas and sports stadia are the most at-risk locations. A lot of today’s sports stadia are used for more activities asides from sports like music concerts and other social events. Stadiums have very demanding security, communication and building automation measures. Here are some challenges that stadiums face:

  • Arson and explosive threats
  • Safety of athletes and employees
  • Access control and authorization management
  • Crowd control

Bosch Security Systems offers solid solutions to help secure stadiums. We are official Bosch partners in Pakistan with a team of qualified and Bosch certified pre-sales engineers and other professionals who will guarantee you a turnkey service. Here are some of the stadium management solutions from Bosch to help you cater to your safety and security needs.

The Video Management System from Bosch helps you manage and record all the video surveillance elements. It uses closed circuit television cameras that constantly monitor groups of people entering or leaving the stadium. It always focuses on the bleachers to identify wrongdoers. Specialized directional microphones can also be used to record events and PTZ cameras that function perfectly no matter the weather condition also prevent disruptions to activities by criminals. Bosch surveillance cameras are equipped with Advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) that allows early identification of suspect activities and unattended luggage. Whenever an alarm goes off, tracking cameras can help to confirm the emergency or allay fears, alerting the security personnel as needed. A “forensic search” feature also allows the quick access of recorded archive for decision making. This smart search allows you to search video archives based on a specific parameter such as subject size, direction or color which makes it easy to identify possible wrongdoers based on eye witness descriptions.
Bosch’s IP-based access control structure helps to restrict unapproved people from gaining access to restricted areas like equipment and athlete changing areas. There is also support for a wide array of readers and biometric scanners to help maintain security. Used in conjunction with video monitoring, it is possible to record all access occurrences because any breach will set off a warning which ensures that situations can be addressed as quickly as they occur.
Entertainment arenas are in danger of theft of important items from access-controlled areas like equipment rooms and backstage areas. Bosch has intrusion systems that can oversee all boundary walls, entry/access points for both humans and vehicles like doors and driveways and whenever there is a potential breach of a specified rule, an alert is triggered that can be accessed via Bosch VMS client using the Hi-Res CCTV cameras and Intelligent Video Analysis to confirm the threat and respond accordingly.
Getting communication to where it is needed is critical to dealing with safety issues. A good PA system is also important to creating a safe and comfortable environment during concerts and similar events.

Bosch’s modular public address systems and emergency sound systems are perfect for announcements and background music as they offer the fullest value for money, dependability and voice clarity.

As many stadiums now serve many purposes, the Electro-Voice and Dynacord brands leveraged on more than 140 years of joint pedigree in creating professional audio solutions unlike generic public address systems. These brands offer a wide array of professional sound equipment like amps, signal processing units microphones and loudspeakers that can be combined to meet whatever need you may have at the stadium whether a music concert or public address system for a competition without loss of sound quality.

Protecting lives and property at entertainment structures is paramount so the ability to identify, find and authenticate fire outbreaks. Entertainment venues pose some peculiar issues like crowd, high ceilings and big outdoor areas and non-proximity to exit points. Bosch modular fire panels and sensors are suitable for entertainment centers. They use several intelligent conditions to make sure that incidents are detected early enough with accuracy. It is even possible to have a network of several detectors to cover plenty of buildings over a distance of more than 3000 m. The panels can instinctively contact the fire service and control sprinklers, air ducts and PA systems in conjunction with the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) which makes the system effective against most fire-related situations where evacuation of the premises is of great concern.
Bosch enables you to effectively control all of a building’s automation systems without stress. The Building Integration System allows you to use a central web-based control centre for monitoring all aspects of a building’s supervisory system. This system guarantees quick response times to emergencies and better efficiency. The system provides alarm location reporting, access control to restricted areas.

For all your needs in stadium resources and time, we are the official partners of Bosch in Pakistan and can provide you with customized solutions for your needs. With customized solutions and turn-key packages, trust us to deliver quality and a professional finish in more ways than one. Our team of skilled and experienced workers are ready to assist you with years of experience, trained and experienced in the Bosch way. Call us today for a free no-condition consultation at 051-11-11-11-BOSCH

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