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Founded in 2007, The Protechtors is a seasoned distributor and system integrator for turnkey security solutions with a focus on performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. We have the requisite experience, expertise, and personnel to deploy safety standards compliant world-class security and communication systems for residential, commercial and government infrastructures.

We believe in creating business alliances that avail us with an increased capacity to proffer and manage world-class security and communications systems. To this end, we have created business alliances with leading manufacturers of security systems across the globe to ensure our clients have the latest technology to support their security and communication needs.

To facilitate the use of state-of-the-art technology solutions for enhancing safety, security and business communications.
To be the pacesetter in creation of a safe and secure society through the deployment of our security solutions.

  • Integrity and Dedication;
  • Commitment to world-class customer service;
  • Facilitate quality and sustainable employment;
  • Innovation and technology;
  • Uncompromising adherence to quality; and
  • Research and development.
In our quest to achieve our business objectives of adding value to our clients through our products and services, we have focused a tripartite mission as part of our organizational strategy.

Quality Product Delivery:
We are committed to delivering the best quality brand of products. We take the time to have an in-depth understanding of the security needs of our clients and take an innovative approach to satisfying these demands. Our products and services are delivered through our internal standard operational procedures to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

Economic Empowerment:
We are focused on operating a profitable and sustainable business that delivers value to the society and stakeholders. A business that creates an opportunity for employment and facilitates job satisfaction and career development for our employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
To operate a socially responsible business that appreciates the vital role that business plays in the society by initiating programs that have a positive impact in the community and providing support for initiatives towards improving security and the quality of life of our immediate communities.

The products and services of The Protechtors are driven by a dedicated team of young, vibrant and committed product specialists. Our engineers and technicians and highly trained personnel with professional certifications from our Principals form a synergy with the sales, administration, logistics and service coordination departments to create an unparalleled environment for the deployment of our various projects.

Mr.  Awais ur Rehman the Chief Executive Officer of the company is a security systems veteran with expertise in video surveillance with a massive portfolio of various notable projects successfully delivered under his supervision. His passion for excellence and innovation has been vital to the growth of the company.

Safety, health and environmental sustainability (SHE) is the core of our business strategy and serves as a guide in the choice of our partners, the solutions that we carve under our brand Scout Security Systems, and the products that we deploy in all our installation projects. Our goal is to operate an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business. We are committed to using only products that do not impact the environment negatively in all of our projects and installations. We strive to distribute products that improve the quality of our client’s operations as well as promote safe living and working environment.
Our services are all-inclusive and fostered by highly experienced Bosch Security and Hikvision Certified team of engineers. We work in conjunction with our clients to design bespoke security and communication systems perfectly suited for our customers’ unique requirements, structure and operational procedures. Our experts take the brief of client’s requirements and budget to design a functional system with optimum performance level possible.

The Protechtors’ team of engineers can perform and manage pre-installation site surveys, feasibility reports, bill of material drafting, budgeting and execution plan, installation and  compliance checks while ensuring delivery schedule. A post-installation brief is practiced before the final handover, which gives the customer a good overview of the system features and capabilities and enables the operators to make optimal use of the installed system.

With customized solutions and turn-key packages, trust us to deliver quality and a professional finish in more ways than one. Our team of skilled and experienced workers are ready to assist you with years of experience, trained and experienced in the Bosch way. Call us today for a free no-condition consultation 051-11-11-BOSCH

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