Bosch Integrus Language Distribution System

Bosch Integrus Language Distribution System

Large international conferences and meetings face the challenge of language barriers. Bosch Integrus Language Distribution System makes it easy to distribute audio on multiple channels. Interpreters can listen in real-time and translate into transmitters. Listeners with the proper pocket receivers can listen to the audio in their desired language.

As a Bosch certified installer and provider in Pakistan, The Protechtors team recommends Integrus Language Distribution System for any size conference venue with a need for international language coverage.

Our certified systems engineers can help you implement a system that will meet any challenge you might face with your international conferences and meetings.

Bosch Integrus Language Distribution System is an ideal solution for conference centers for international organizers. Bosch innovates on multiple fronts to create this extraordinary system to meet international demands. Each component is built with precision and care. The system consists of receivers, headphones, transmitters, radiators, charging units and accessories.

  • Attractive and Ergonomic Design: Integrus receiver with its dark body and two-digit LCD display have a modern look. The buttons are ergonomically placed for easy access. Conference listeners can easily carry the receiver around.
  • Easy Channel Selection: Integrus provides 32 simultaneous audio channels to send and receive signals. With this system, you can cover 31 languages on the floor with a single installation. The system is also capable of high-quality stereo sound up to eight channels.
  • Excellent Sound Quality: Integrus uses Bosch’s Ir-Digital Technology. It is one of the leading technologies for providing infrared signals across multiple channels.
  • Seamless System Integration: Integrus is ready for Bosch’s DCN Conference System. It can seamlessly integrate with DCN to provide synchronized language channels.
  • Distribution of audio on 32 channels
  • High-quality stereo on up to 8 channels
  • Superb audio quality
  • No interference from lighting
  • Compliant with IEC 61603, part 7 (Infrared transmission in the 2 to 6 MHz frequency band)
  • Charging unit can recharge 56 receivers at once
  • High-quality transmitters and radiators maintain continuous sound
  • Easy integration with Bosch’s DCN systems
  • No interference from lighting
  • Operates under bright sunlight
  • Secure infrared distribution
  • Pleasurable Listening Experience: Integrus provides clear sound through its transmitter and radiators. Listeners can move around the conference listening to broadcasts without worrying about losing connectivity.
  • Multi-purpose Use: Integrus is most popular for international conferences where language distribution is important. However, it can be useful in environments like cinemas, sports centers, and museums. Its 32 channel audio transmission can be used with great efficiency in premises where multiple audio broadcasting is necessary.
  • Guaranteed Privacy: Infrared radiation cannot pass through solid walls. It prevents the signal to go out of enclosed spaces which guarantee the privacy of conference information.
  • Room Targeting: Strategic transmitter and radiator placements can allow interpreter signals to transmitted to particular rooms.
  • Long-lasting Battery Performance: Integrus charging station can recharge 56 receivers simultaneously within 1 hour and 45 minutes. As a result, organizers can serve a large number of users with a limited number of receivers.

The Protechtors’ Guarantee

The Protechtors is an experienced security and surveillance expert. We have been serving major cities of Pakistan since 2007. Our mission is to provide you with the best technology to protect you. With Bosch Integrus Language Distribution System, we believe that it will allow you to compete on an international level. Our certified engineers and sales associates can help design a system that best fits your needs.

The sooner you act, the sooner we can help you become competitive in the international market. Call us at 051-11-11-BOSCH to talk to an expert today.

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